Set in the world of French gastronomy in 1885, “Pot Au Feu” charts the relationship between Eugenie, an esteemed cook, and Dodin, the fine gourmet she has been working for over the last 20 years. Growing fonder of one another, their bond turns into a romance and gives rise to delicious dishes that impress even the world’s most illustrious chefs. When Dodin is faced with Eugenie’s reluctance to commit to him, he decides to start cooking for her.
  Pierre Gagnaire, the 14 Michelin starred-chef, is serving as culinary counselor on the film and also has a small part in it. The story is inspired by the famous French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

本片于2023年5月24日在法国,比利时等国家或地区上映,使用的别名(拼音或译名)有法式火锅 La Passion de Dodin Bouffant2023,火上锅(台),味游心窝(港),多丹·布法内的欲望,The Taste of Things,Le Pot-au-feu de Dodin Bouffant,Pot Au Feu,fashihuoguo。活力看为您提供电影《法式火锅》免费在线观看,华为、小米、OPPO、QQ、UC、苹果Safari等手机浏览器可以下载或无线投屏到智能电视观看。编辑更新于2024-04-29 11:04:02

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